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SafeToNet are on their way to Barcelona with three other finalists to take part in the Mobile World Congress.

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of previous winners, RefMe and what3words, SafeToNet are set to shake up the world of mobile technology.

Who is SafeToNet?

They are the “next generation of parental control” – according to their website. Dedicated to protecting children from the unwanted elements of the internet, this innovative software uses self-learning algorithms and extensive research to safeguard children and other vulnerable internet users.

The software interprets data and images sent over social networks, email environments and messaging systems and assesses whether they’re safe to view in real time. It runs in the background of your desktop or mobile device and blocks messages going out, as well as those going in.

The innovative startup will definitely be causing a buzz at MWC but will SafeToNet be crowned KPMG’s Best British Mobile Startup 2017?

What did they say about Best British Mobile Startup?

After winning the south-west heat of the competition, this cyber safety software team are polishing their pitches and brushing up on their Spanish. But what did they have to say about the competition so far?

  1. What made you enter the Best British Mobile startup competition?

We’re a startup so all publicity is good publicity, and competitions are free to enter. It’s as simple as that.

Crucially, the prize is presenting at the MWC, where many of the customers we are trying to sell to will be. To have the chance to present to them is awesome. It’s a year’s work of a dozen sales people to have a chance to be showcased.

  1. How was your experience of winning the regional competition?

It’s been a fantastic experience, we have been up against amazing competition – such a diverse range of companies. We really didn’t expect to win, but we were thrilled and it’s made it all the better to do so against such stiff competition.

  1. What do you think is the biggest challenge in a startup pitch?

How to get your message over in just four minutes, because sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees – you’re stuck in your business doing what you do all day long. To be able to articulate what are the key points to an audience you don’t know is sometimes tricky. Sticking to your key message and getting those across is challenging because you’re petrified and that time is almost up.

  1. How will you prepare for showcasing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona?

Review our pitch today, and do our best to refine it. It’s never easy – we agonise over our pitches and we practise and practise and practise. We’ll do what we always do and hope it works.

We’ll seek advice, see what works and doesn’t. Do our homework on the judges, and polish up a bit of Spanish!

  1. Why will your company become this year’s Best British Mobile Startup?

Because we strive to safeguard kids from many of the appalling terrors and problems on social media, like abuse, cyber bullying, trolling and ‘sextortion’ that can ruin kids’ lives. That’s such a brilliant cause.

So, there you have it. SafeToNet are prepped and ready to go. All four finalists will reap rewards from attending MWC, but who will emerge victorious?