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Applications are now closed.

Each year, KPMG host the “Best British Mobile Start-up” competition, where start-ups across the country battle it out in order to reach the final and be crowned the winner at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. And this year, it could be you that takes home the glory.

A member from each of the regional winners will be flown to Barcelona, where they’ll be pitching to a panel of industry experts to be crowned the Best British Mobile Start-up of the year.

In case you still haven’t applied yet, here are 10 reasons why your start-up should take part:

1.    Raise your start-up’s profile

You’ll have the chance to pitch in front of major industry players, all looking for the next potential start-up to invest in. Should you succeed and get to the final in Barcelona, you could be recognised worldwide as one to watch.

2.    Networking

MWC is the biggest mobile event in the world, filled with over 100,000 industry influencers, and your attendance could possibly lead to new, long-lasting and important connections.

3.    Investment opportunities

On average, the MWC hosts over 700 investors, all of whom are searching for the next unicorn to get involved with – and with some of the country’s best mobile businesses on display in our competition, the final will be one of the first places they’ll look!

4.    Corporate connections

MWC aims to bridge the gap between corporations and start-ups in a mutually beneficial way. An established corporation can open doors to clients, partnerships and distribution channels that your start-up would otherwise struggle to access.

5.    See the latest innovations in mobile tech

This is where the pioneers of mobile technology will be coming together launching products, discussing ideas for the future, and presenting the latest innovations. You’ll have the opportunity to see the direction the industry is taking, and be able to apply this knowledge to your start-up.

6.    You could learn a thing or two

Throughout the event, there’ll be speakers, seminars, lectures and workshops dedicated to helping your start-up succeed. With a huge host of speakers lined up, it’s a great opportunity to explore how a start-up can evolve into a billion-dollar business.

7.    Get to know the start-up community

Over 600 new start-ups exhibit at MWC, and plenty more attend as visitors. It’s why the MWC makes for a great event where you’ll find a strong network of support that could help with the future of your business.

8.    Get inspired and energised

With so much going on at MWC, it is impossible not to feed off of the energy that the event provides. You’ll return to work the week after fuelled with passion, fresh ideas and strategies for success.

9.    A chance to show off

Use this chance to demonstrate your expertise and the benefits of your products. Take part in competitions, hackathons, conferences, meet-ups and a whole host of other events to demonstrate what you know.

10. You get to go to Barcelona

Sun, sea, sand and all in the name of business – who could pass that up?

Click here to apply! Applications close on 11 November 2016. Terms and conditions can be found here.
MWC takes place in Barcelona, Spain from 27 February to 2 March 2017.