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Bold ideas and stacks of ambition are a given when it comes to launching your own enterprise. But getting the right business and financial foundations in place is crucial too.

The KPMG start-up guide has the information you need. From writing a business plan to getting a team together. From finding funding to keeping financial records. The guide is packed with clear, practical advice to help you make the right decisions and set your business up for growth.

For straight-talking, up-to-the-minute information on:

  • Financial operations – including managing your working capital and preparing a business plan
  • Hiring talent – including contractual arrangements, ‘right to work’ and dismissal
  • Funding – including what the options are, and how best to access them
  • Compliance and tax relief – including the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), R&D tax reliefs and Patent Box
  • Intellectual Property (IP) – including copyright, trademarks, patents and database rights.
  • And lots more!

Download your copy of the guide now