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Would you agree with futurist Thomas Frey that “60% of the best jobs in the next 10 years haven’t been invented yet”?

If so, you’ll probably have an opinion on one SlideShare that’s been pretty popular recently. It’s all about 20 future job roles, and it takes the things we do in our modern technology-driven age as its starting point.

It describes, with occasional tongue-in-cheek I think, the sorts of employment people might find in the not-too-distant future. But there’s a grain of truth in every joke, as the saying goes.

20 Jobs of the Future was at turns sensible, funny, sinister and inspired.

  • Would I hand over the keys to my digital presence, personality and career to a Personal Digital Curator?
  • Why not hire an Urban Shepherd as impulsively as I might hire a cleaner?
  • How reassured or freaked-out would I feel, knowing a Digital Death Manager will redact aspects of my life for posterity, after I die?

Then it struck me that three of the fictitious job descriptions were really familiar. They were combinations of the skills and attributes that startup entrepreneurs already exhibit in their daily lives, as they juggle their many hats! How familiar do these sound to you?

Corporate Disorganiser: An expert that shuffles hierarchies in companies to create start-up culture or organised chaos.

Curiosity Tutor: A personal advisor in flaneuring; an advisor that not only provides inspiration and content to spark curiosity, but one that teaches the art of discovery.

Productivity Counsellors: With the emphasis on productivity and ‘making a difference’, coupled with new tracking technologies, people will need help refining their lives to improve their productivity, combining ergonomics, wellness, time management and career counselling.

It reinforces to me just how unique entrepreneurs are.It really does take a special mix of personal attributes to succeed in a tech startup, not to mention an incredible amount of passion and commitment. No wonder the jobs of the future reflect the entrepreneurs of 2013.

So, what do you think? Does your day job see you living out these roles? Are you ready to hang up the towel and become a Corporate Disorganiser or Curiosity Tutor?

Or perhaps you – and your slightly perturbed cat – are secretly Meme Agents in training!