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Richard Hughes-Jones on Innovation Excellence posted an interesting primer on lean strategy for start-ups.

Strategy, the dreaded S word! Richard wondered whether strategy needed innovating to raise its profile among start-ups.

After sifting through a Google search, Richard found two blog posts that concisely explained what strategy is, why it isn’t tactics, and gave some practical examples. Best of all, these articles are also quite approachable and quick reads.

Have a look, and let us know if you’ve found any other great resources.


Richard is The Boss at Firewerks, an advisory business established to bring strategic thinking to startups and high growth enterprises. Working at the inter-section between ideas and action, he gained his experience as a management consultant at Deloitte and working in a senior management position at HM Treasury. He was recently voted the 12th most influential blogger in 2013 on the world’s most popular innovation website Innovation Excellence. Richard is on Twitter @rhughesjones